About Doodle Cats

Our concept was created by a group of professionals which have years of experience within the NFT ecosystem having worked with other successful projects.

The moment our team decided to create our own project, the main goal was to focus on growing a strong community where people can join, feel welcomed and merge to have a wonderful Web3 experience. Needless to say, our team also play an important role in getting this project to its highest potential.

Don't worry, you are in good hands!

The aim of this project is to create a brand which can reduce the amount of stray animals and also to reward good citizens of the world by providing ways which a person can be rewarded for their good deeds through Web3 means. Animals are a big part of life as the majority of people have at least 1 pet in their homes. Unfortunately, underdeveloped countries do not have the same capabilities, resources or infrastructure to help stray animals.

This is where we come together to change this.

What made us choose Hedera? This is because of its environmentally friendly properties, low fees and also its scalability. We see Hedera as being one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the near future. It also fits exactly with our views of the world which is that we need to open our eyes to more sustainable ways of doing just about everything that we are doing.

Join us on this adventure to become a leading brand in the Hedera space but also to create something that we are proud to be part of.